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Is Your Brand a Social Misfit?

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What is a Social Misfit? At Engagement Labs we created the term Social Misfit to describe a brand that performs very well socially either online, or in real life (IRL) - but not both. Brands that are Social Misfits are not capturing their full potential and are missing out on big opportunities to drive marketing ROI.
Is your brand a Social Misfit?

Download our complimentary e-book, “Social Misfits: Brands That Have a Split Personality, in Social Media vs. IRL" to discover:

  • The top 30 Social Misfit Brands: brands whose behavior is different on social media than in face-to-face conversations
  • The critical, business-driving consumer conversations that Social Misfits miss out on and that they excel at
  • How to identify Social Misfit brands
  • A TotalSocialTM analysis which scores select brands based on both their online and offline conversation performance
  • The benefits, risks and implications of being a Social Misfit
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